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Technology directors: Are you supporting learning or impeding it?

As a technology director, my job is not just to keep the servers up and the network running. My job is to support and enhance technology’s potential for teaching and learning. My job is to lay the groundwork for innovation and excellence in education. If I am not taking instructional needs into account when I make decisions that impact teachers and students, I am not doing my job.

Cryptolocker Ransomware in the News

You may have heard on the news about an ugly new “ransomware” bug that can infect your computer. This particular one is bad because many of the virus protection companies don’t have a fix out for it yet. (Currently, the fix is to pay the $300 to get your data back.)

Ways to minimize your risk at home:

  • Keep your virus protection up-to-date (AVG / Mcafee / Norton – you should only have one installed! More is never better)
  • Keep your computer updated (Windows / Apple)
  • Check that you don’t have malware on your computer (Malwarebytes – free, works WITH virus protection)
  • Be careful when searching for websites and clicking on links
  • Install CCleaner and run it after every time you use the internet
  • Don’t click on email spam/phishing links
  • BACKUP the data/pictures/files you would be sad to lose using a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud backup (Dropbox, Carbonite, or Mozy)

IF you want to read more:  You’re infected – if you want to see your data again, pay us $300 in bitcoins / Cryptolocker FAQ


Yes, the iPhone fingerprint sensor can be “hacked.” No, you shouldn’t worry about it. 

“Even if the attack proves to be real, this isn’t a casual, fast trick. The attacker would have to be lucky enough to get a perfect print of the correct finger to unlock the iPhone, which means they’d have to find that specific print, or be forced to try several fake prints. Anyone this intent on hacking your iPhone would need prolonged access to it.”

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