Why Every Educator Should Applaud That Viral Video of a Teen Going Off on His Teacher

If you haven’t seen this by now, high school sophomore Jeff Bliss goes off on his world history teacher, set off by standardized testing times. Why should we care?

Bliss is demanding change—more power to him and all the other students who are fed up with a system that’s broken. Every teacher worth her salt should applaud what he’s clamoring for. And then we need Ms. Phung and all the other fed-up teachers out there to rise up, speak up, and demand change, too.

An even better opinion from a Principal:

I was questioned, both publicly and privately for even sharing this video in the first place and was asked, “If this was one of our teachers, would I share the video?”, and that made me think a lot about this messy world that we live in.  Personally, I wouldn’t but I believe in my heart that it would be addressed to some extent with the teacher. 

The other thing that I thought about was how easily I would have shared something like this regarding other professions. This voice by the “consumer” is happening in every profession, not just teaching.  In no way am I saying that pepper-spraying someone in the face unlawfully compares to having students do packets in the classroom, but our profession is and should be held accountable on how we do our work.

What I encourage others to do is to focus on what the student said, and share their stories about how you do much more than “teach with a packet’.